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14th January 2010, 10:33 pm Posted in Uncategorized Comment?

Well, today Georgie and I went to the beach. We met up at the station, and went out to the city where we stopped by our university so she could eat the burger she didn’t want that I had unwittingly ordered. That was embarrassing, eh *sweat* We also spent some time there looking up attractions; we planned to go to the aquarium (which turned out to have a huge queue) and the Zoo, where apparently you and more people than you will ever know get a significant discount if you’re in a group of 5001 or over.
I picked up some laksa to-go, and then we went to take a ferry to the beach. Today was overcast and the weather was perfect. We walked around on the sand for a bit, and found out it was pretty boring since I couldn’t get my feet wet because I was in shoes. We ate our food (my laksa looked quite miserable by then) and then I bought a tea towel and some slippers. We stood in the water up to knee-deep and caught some waves, then we went home. All in all, it was surprisingly tiring.

One thing that annoyed me was the super scrawny Asian guy on the first ferry. He was with his girlfriend (which..sort of looked like him) and she had thicker arms than he did. Not that she was fat or anything, but you could’ve picked your teeth with his forearms. I’m not saying I’m the six million dollar man, but damn; I’d rather be walrus-fat if I had to pick one of the two. And he’d look at me every so often like I was wierd, with one slender, girly arm delicately draped over her shoulders like it couldn’t support its own weight. Yuck. Now that I mention it, there was a guy who looked just like him in uni that I knew two semesters ago, kind of. Shit, was it him? Ahh well. If he didn’t say hi, then forget him.

Another thing that disgusted me was a bunch of Korean kids that were acting like they’d never seen a fountain before. When you get off the sand, you see, there are three sets of fountains for decor and washing your feet. They washed their feet, but it wasn’t enough. They moved on until they’d washed their feet in another, and then they gawked over the last one because it shot a bit higher. What the hell.

Note to Wuggs: Don’t eat any more nougat today *floog*

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Lilian says:


Georgie told me about the ridiculous crowd you would need to get a $10 discount. Seriously…very absurd…@_@

LOL, lucky it was overcast today. Otherwise beach = EXCESS SUN. Dear GOD…D=

Hahaha, maybe the Asian guy has scrawny arms because he’s overly spoilt and therefore hasn’t had to lift anything remotely heavy for his entire life. xD


Joyce says:

Ahhh the beach! I miss warm weather. I miss hot sand. I miss the summertime );

I’m so glad you guys had a good day though! It sounds like you had such a good time (: I’ve never been to a zoo or aquarium. What kinds of animals did you see ?

Ew. Skinny guys disgust me. Skinny Asian guys disgust me even more. They come across as such momma’s boys to me, you know ?

Yet another reason as to why I’m ashamed of being Korean, lol. I think I was talking to Georgie the other day about how Asian tourists are obsessed with water fountains in America.


Georgina says:

“with one slender, girly arm delicately draped over her shoulders”… hahahaha. He was deeply unattractive and I could not help but think he looked like a kid. :/ Seriously! Like we talked about… he looked so lank and he looked immature.

I know girls age before boys do but she looked older and gosh, at least she looked like she could support herself if someone pushed her off the ferry. He would have sunk, the weight of his bones sinking deep under the surface of the water… hooray. O_o

LOL that really annoyed me. Okay, you’re amused by the fountains. Please stop. If they were walking in it without making a big deal, fair enough. Squealing (oh, even the guys…) is really… er.. weird. O_o

I finished the nougat. :P I only had two pieces left so I gave one to Brandon. *floog*


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